Stucco Walls

Stucco walls have been popular in very hot climates for centuries but have become increasingly popular all over the world to add a Spanish flair to the outside of homes or to cover unsightly bare cement or concrete blocks.

How stucco is made

Stucco is a mixture of minerals such as sand or pebbles, combined with a binder and water. Stucco walls were originally made with sand and lime, although in recent years, synthetic stucco has been made and applied to newer model homes. When stucco is applied it is wet and them hardens to a thick solid.

If you have a wood frame home, the wood will first be covered with a buffer material like tar paper before the stucco wall is constructed.

Maintaining stucco walls

As stucco walls techniques have been perfected and elaborated over the years, there are different methods for maintaining different types of stucco. You will first need to do some investigating of the type of materials that you will be cleaning or repairing. Before purchasing a stucco home it is advised to have a professional inspection to be sure that you are purchasing solid stucco as opposed to synthetic, manufactured stucco as they are each cleaned and repaired differently.