Student's Stress

As with everyone today, students seem to experience regular stress in the school setting or outside it, because of demands of the school, the workload, the social stress, and financial issues for college students. Student’s stress levels can be exacerbated by pressure from parents to perform well with respect to grades or extra-circular activity.

Factors Fueling Student’s Stress Levels

There is intense pressure on students these days to distinguish themselves from the rest. The thinking is that, in order to get into the best college, a student must be dong more than 100%.

The fact that student’s stress levels are currently at catastrophic proportions is no surprise. In Japan, suicide levels commonly raise at important exam times. The trend is visiting the US, and added pressures to student’s stress, such as sexual orientation and popularity concerns, have created a burgeoning problem.

While there is no one solution to this problem, balance and perspective used by the students themselves and their teachers, parents and fellow students would go far in helping elevate some of the worst instances of student’s stress levels getting too high.