Study Loft Beds Save Space in Small Rooms Study Loft Beds Save Space in Small Rooms

A study loft is a place where people are able to get away and study for school, prepare for presentations, or just have a quite place to work. However, the study loft is not the only way this room can be used. Many people will want to use the loft in several different ways in order to save space. The study can then also become a bedroom for extra guests or for taking a quick nap.

Study Loft Beds

To make best use of the room, and to save space, include both a desk and a bed in the study loft. This type of bed is a twin bed that has the bed on top and the desk area either below the bed or on the side.

Storage with Built In Shelves

In a small room storage can be hard to come by. A study loft bed can serve as a desk, bed and storage option all contained within one unit. Storage shelves for books and a television can be incorporated into the bed unit while drawers and cabinets are used for clothing and shoes.

More Floor Space

By having a loft bed that is several feet off the floor, you can make use of more floor space for accessories or other furniture. Dressers, lamp stands, a sewing machine or craft table can all be set in the open floor space.

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