Stunning Spanish Fireplace Tile Designs Stunning Spanish Fireplace Tile Designs

Using unique fireplace tile designs is a great way to add a new effect to your fireplace. Spanish tile is an excellent option for adding a level of elegance to your room.

Refinishing or Building an Existing Fireplace

Refinishing a fireplace using Spanish fireplace tile designs can bring your fireplace to life. There are two options available using this technique. You can retile the entire fireplace using Spanish tile. For concrete or tile fireplaces this is an option. If you have a stone fireplace you can use Spanish tile in front of the fireplace.

When to Use Spanish Fireplace Tile Designs

Spanish designed tiles can be used to compliment nearly any type of room décor. They go especially well with Victorian style furniture and décor. They also work extremely well when used at the base of a fireplace in a room with a light colored hardwood floor such as white oak.

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