Sturdy Alternatives to Plastic Toilet Seat Hinges

Toilet seat hinges are made from a variety of materials such as plastic, steel, wood, polished brass and brushed chrome. Some are distinct and visible while others, like those made from plastic, can be discrete. The hinges are used to attach the toilet seat to the toilet. Those made from sturdy materials such as brass, nickel, gold and steel last longer than those made from plastic as they do not break easily.

Brushed Chrome Toilet Seat Hinges

Different types of metals such as lead and steel can be used to make toilet seat hinges. They are coated using chrome and polished to get an attractive finish. Hinges made from these materials are durable as a result of the primary metal used to produce them. They are electroplated using chromium which makes them resistant to rust and also increases surface hardness.

Polished Brass Toilet Seat Hinges

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. The combination is varied to achieve brass with varying properties. The metal is used to make sturdy toilet seat hinges as it is strong and does not break easily. The fact that it is non-ferrous makes it durable and suitable for use on a toilet. The metal has a naturally attractive finish due to its bright gold like appearance.

Stainless Steel Toilet Seat Hinges

Stainless steel is an alloy of iron containing chromium. The advantage of stainless steel toilet hinges is that they are resistant to corrosion which makes them suitable to use on toilets and in bathroom environments. They also do not rust very easily and they are resistant to oxidation. This makes them very durable.

The fact that they are made from a tough metal makes them sturdy. Another benefit is that they do wear easily as they are resistant to abrasion. Stainless steel has a very attractive finish which improves the appearance of the toilet metal hinges.

Gold Plated Toilet Seat Hinges

There are toilet seat hinges made from metals such as copper, aluminum or silver. They are gold plated to improve luster, appearance and color of the metal. This creates beautiful and attractive toilet seat hinges that can be elegantly used in the toilet.

Other Considerations

There are hinges that are made from different metals that are strong and sturdy in nature but are covered with a plastic lining. Not all toilet seat hinges are gold plated or have a polished brass finish. They are equally effective as they last long and do not break easily. The outer plastic cover can be used to camouflage or make the toilet seat hinges discrete and unnoticeable.


Toilet seat hinges are easy to install. Make sure to fix the small plastic washers or pads properly with the hinge bolts provided in the kit. Use the screws given as well. This provides a correct fit and prevents the seat from tilting or not balancing correctly.