Styles of Laminate Countertop Edges Styles of Laminate Countertop Edges

There are hundreds of designs to choose from when it comes to laminate countertop edges. Options for styles of laminate countertop edges vary with manufacturing companies. There are styles for every taste and interior motif. Here are some basic design concepts from which more intricate designs are usually derived:

No Drip Edge

This edge style has a rounded top but has a square bottom. The bottom goes straight down without being shaped or smoothened so as to keep the flow of spilled liquids downward rather than inward into the cabinets supporting your countertop.

Square Edge

This is your traditional style countertop. It is very simple with a 90 degree angle at the top and another 90 degree angle at the bottom. This is also known as Self Edge.

Rounded Edges

Other edge styles are the double radius edge and 180 degree wrap. For the double radius, the top and bottom are smoothened round instead of angular. The 180 degree wrap exhibits a 180 degree curve throughout the edge.

Solid Wood Edge

Some countertops have a wood edging for accent. You can do this to match other elements in your room like your cabinets’ wood pattern and color. Also, this can be applied together with other countertop styles.

Beveled Edge and Wooden Accent

This can also be called regal edge or diamond edge. Its upper and/or lower corners are clipped to create a stylish angular edge. The clipped portions can be accented with wood.

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