Stylish Deck Awnings by The Pool Stylish Deck Awnings by The Pool

Deck awnings by the pool is one way to add style to your home's outdoors. It's a great way to keep you cool during the warmer months of the year as you eat your burgers and grilled meats before going back to the pool and vice versa. Deck awnings is not only functional but it is also stylish. One of the manufacturers offering stylish deck awnings that you can use by the pool, in your patio, in the deck or anywhere else outdoor, is TricoShade.

TricoShade Velarium Products

TricoShade offers stylish yet durable awnings with their Velarium shades. They not only improve functionality and comfort in your home, but they also increase your property's value. Velarium shades are ideal for your deck canopies, backyard gazebos, patio covers and other shaded structures. Not only do they cool you down outdoors but they also cool down your home indoors. Here are other distinct benefits you can get from TricoShade's stylish deck awnings and shades.

Benefits to the Homeowner

  • Deck awnings extend the living space and usability of your property.
  • It offers a cooling shade for your deck by the pool.
  • It can block up to a whopping 98%  of the sun's UV rays that can be harmful to your skin, thus reducing the risk of skin diseases including skin cancer.
  • Enables children to play outside longer.
  • It gives you more use of the swimming pool.

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