Stylish Eco-Friendly Options in Copper Bathroom Sinks Stylish Eco-Friendly Options in Copper Bathroom Sinks

Copper bathroom sinks are a beautiful and practical option for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. The copper sink has a natural germ-killing surface and are available in a large selection of styles and mounting options. Copper bathroom sinks are best suited for homes that have a rustic look and feel. If you are looking into installing a copper bathroom sink, here are some eco-friendly styles to choose from.

Under-mount Option

One of the traditional looks to copper bathroom sinks is the under mount style. This style is not dropped into the vanity like a normal style sink, but is mounted from under the vanity. This provides a great look to the countertop in combination with the deep color of the copper.

Vessel Style Copper Sink

One of the great things about a vessel style sink is that they do not hold as much water as a regular type of bathroom sink. When created with a copper material, they not only help to save on water, but also give a rustic look to the bathroom decor. 

Hammered Copper Sink

Another great looking copper bathroom sink is one that is made out of hammered copper. As the craftsman hammers out the shape of the sink, the indents in the copper remain. This is what gives this type of sink its signature style. Hammered copper bathroom sinks can be a round bowl or a square under mount style. 

Integrated Backsplash

While there is not a lot of design options when it comes to choosing a bathroom sink, one that does stand out is a sink with an integrated backsplash. This means that the sink and backsplash are the same unit. What makes this style increasingly popular is that there is less water wasted or able to leak behind the fixtures or wall. It can flow back into the sink. 

Pedestal Copper Sink

A great stylish look that many people choose for an old world charm is a pedestal sink. This is much like a wall-mounted sink, but has legs instead of a single column. With a copper sink as a part of the countertop, this type of sink installation not only has an old farmhouse feel, but a great look and long lasting durability. 

Cascading Sink

To work a copper bathroom sink into a more modern bathroom, a cascading sink is the perfect choice. This type of sink has a small waterfall type of feature that the water cascades down rather than come through a faucet. Cascading water is low-flow so there is less water being used. The beauty of this stylish design is that it is one piece rather than several pieces. 

Self-Rimmed Sink

Copper is a great choice for eco-friendly bathroom sinks because of the way that they do not need to have any chemical cleaners to keep them free of germs. Another reason is that copper bathroom sinks to not need a lot of material in order to create a single sink. A self-rimmed copper sink has flanges around the perimeter that goes onto the countertop. This creates a good seal, but is also an integrated part of the sink. 

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