Stylish Modern Corner Desk Setups Stylish Modern Corner Desk Setups

Instead of simply being a place to work, a modern corner desk can give a room style and definition while spicing up the look of the room.


While traditional corner desks have two equal sides that fit perfectly into any corner, a modern corner desk may be asymmetrical with one side being noticeably longer than the other, bringing a splash of style and depth into the room. For a sleek look, most of the storage place is located under the desk, in the form of drawers. While you can get modern corner desks with vertical shelving units, they tend to betray the minimal look associated with contemporary design and can also make a room look cluttered and clunky.


When it comes to the materials used in a modern corner desk, the key is to mix and match. A wood base with a stone table top will give your room some warmth, while a steel desk with a glass top will create a more industrial feel. Even purchasing a one-tone wood desk and painting the surface a lighter or darker wood tone will infuse it with a modern feel.


A corner desk no longer has to stay in the corner. If you have a large room and want to divide it, a modern corner desk may be used to break up the space in a very stylish fashion. And just because it was intended as a desk doesn’t mean that it has to be used as a desk. It can also be used as a modern corner table to display photos, pottery or artwork. 

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