Stylish Vibrant Colors for the Living Room Stylish Vibrant Colors for the Living Room

Vibrant colors are those that really stand out from their surroundings rather than blend in to the woodwork. Vibrancy in the living room invites light in and creates a cheerful, welcoming mood. Vibrant colors jump forward and hit your eye immediately. They enliven an interior room, endowing it with a festive spirit. In the living room of your home, a place where friends and family gather, vibrant colors are suitable provided they match with the decor. There are numerous stylish color ideas, but when narrowing your choices down, consider some of the following tips and colors and see how they may fit with the design scheme in your living room. 

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Colors

Primary colors are red, blue and yellow. While vibrant, they lack the necessary depth and stylishness to give a living room a radiant glow. Primary colors hit your eye hard, but they can be glaring too. Their main purpose in interior design is to blend them and create secondary and tertiary colors. Examples of secondary colors include orange, green and purple. They are direct combinations of primary colors. Tertiary colors are made by blending a primary with a secondary color. They include red-orange, yellow-green and violet, among others. Tertiary colors are where you should start with the interior color scheme of your living room. They are more visually interesting and make a more unique statement. 

Stylish Colors

Some good examples of stylish, vibrant colors that are blends of blends include powder blue, mint, rust, salmon, orchid and olive. All of these colors are deep, containing many primary elements while maintaining their own character. A vibrant color may be cool like mint, powder blue or olive or warm such as mustard, salmon and maroon. In the right combination they create a stunning atmosphere in the living room. Decor is not just a matter of wall and ceiling color, though. Furniture and flooring have as much to say as the paint, and they should all be in accord if you are to achieve your effect. Neutral, stylish furniture gives you the most to work with, for it goes with any color. 

Wall and Trim

One of the best ways to combine vibrant colors in your living room is to choose a color for the walls and one for the trim including crown and door molding and the baseboards. Without going to excesses in two-toning your walls you are in this way able to create a lovely, vibrant match. One winning combination uses a vibrant color for the walls with plain white trim. When you add a contrasting color to the mix with curtains and/or a rug, the room begins to liven up. The wall and trim are the dominant surfaces for color, but other fixtures are just as important to create a stylish and vibrant design. 

While choosing a color scheme for your living room is a matter of taste, it must also be tasteful to appeal to the sensibilities of anyone who comes into your home. A living room should radiate warmth and vibrancy without being gaudy.

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