Stylistic Exterior Balusters Designs Stylistic Exterior Balusters Designs

Have you ever thought about using exterior balusters for the railings around your house’s porch? Balusters are no longer limited to /use inside the house, as stair sticks. In fact, for many centuries, railings around the porch of the house have been found to make use of exterior balusters.

These architectural elements have been around for a long time. It had been found that those in the ancient civilization incorporated these architectural design styles in their windows. The designs have also been commonly found in tables and chairs. Over the years, the use of balusters has been incorporated in stair designs, as a type of railing or support below the handrails. In modern times, stairs are not the only places that you can find these sticks, they are also commonly found in porch railings.

Designing Your Exterior Balusters

Balusters come in different sizes and shapes. The design of your choice ultimately depends upon your preference. If you are confused, you can always consult the experts to make sure that they complement the overall design of your house’s exteriors.

Exterior balusters may come with twists, octagons, reeds or flutes. They may also come with vines and twines as well as leaf-shaped designs. Modern designs are composed of angular shapes compared to the original form that it used to take. Originally, balusters are made with bulbous shapes, like that of an unopened flower bulb, which explains the etymology of its name. In French, the word from which baluster originated from refers to an “unopened flower.”

Other Ways to Find Exterior Balusters Designs

Not all people are able to create their own baluster designs. Perhaps only a few have the skills and the access to the needed tools – such as the lathe – in order to create wonderfully designed balusters. For those who lack any of the two, it is still possible to choose balusters, only they will have to settle for premade and predesigned ones.

In choosing exterior balusters, it is very important to choose the right designs, preferably those that will complement well with the overall design of the house. You have to make sure that it complements the place or else it will look out of place. Another thing to consider in choosing balusters is the material it should be made of. There are many to choose from – wrought iron, cast bronze, cast iron, hard wood, soft wood, stone and so many others. Like that of the design, the material should be the same with the materials used for the other architectural elements in that area of your house. If not, you have to make sure that the designs complement well with each other. Color is another factor in choosing your exterior balusters, as like the design, it should complement well with the entire design of the house.

Remember to follow the important rules in using exterior balusters. For example, they should be spaced evenly from each other to maintain good aesthetic value as well as sturdiness of the structure.

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