Stylize Your Bathroom Sconce Lighting Covers

Bathroom lighting doesn’t have to be mundane if you jazz it up with some bathroom sconce lighting. Consider these points.

Sconce Lighting as a Design Element

One of the quickest ways to add a dramatic flair to your bathroom is changing the look with bathroom sconce lighting. The possibilities are endless, ranging from contemporary to country to traditional to ultra high-tech, exotic and more. You can go old-world design, eclectic, sconces paired with etching, various embedded designs, antique iron, pewter and other unique looks.

Materials Make a Dramatic Difference

Beyond plain or frosted glass, bathroom sconce lighting can be augmented by various materials. There are sconces that look like works of art, swirled hand-blown colored glass that artisans create in small shops. Some sconce covers seem transported from a medieval castle, while others in chrome or plastic or stainless steel are very high-tech and contemporary. There are hide or leather-trimmed sconces, hand-forged wrought iron sconces, sconces in antique or distressed bronze, for example.

How Much Glow Do You Need?

Choices of sconce covers should also take into consideration how much illumination you need. Will you require an adjustable light that can go brighter or dimmer? If you have a single sconce, you’ll probably need brighter illumination than a multiple sconce light. The type of sconce cover you choose should reflect your requirements.