Stylizing with French Country Style Curtains Stylizing with French Country Style Curtains

There are plenty of country style curtains out there that will give your home the look and feel of the country life.The country theme has been popular for years in homes all over the country. If you want to add that country touch to your home, you need to start with the curtains. 


Colors and Patterns
There are various colors and patterns that you need to look into before you start buying. You want something that is going to match throughout your entire home, try not to mix and max. The red and white picnic tablecloth curtain look is very popular. Barnyard red is going to be one of your main colors as well as a navy blue.


Which Rooms to Stylize
You may not wan to turn your entire home into a country home so in this case just choose 2 main rooms and start from there. The most popular rooms to use right now are the living rooms as well as the kitchen. You can even branch off into the dining room!


How Much to Spend
If you are on a tight budget, try not to spend too much, or look into making your own country style curtains. You can easily get your own fabric and sew up some brand new curtains for a fraction of the cost.

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