Subfloor Installation Tips

Subfloor installation for hardwood and laminate flooring needs some specific preparation. Use the following tips for preparing your subfloors:

Remove Older Subfloors

Ensure that all traces of the damaged/weathered subflooring are comprehensively removed. For this, use a wrecking bar. These are very useful for working around floor joists.

Ensure Proper Placement of Subflooring Sections

Start placing the subflooring panels, first along the walls and gradually move towards the center.

Choose Proper Tools for Subflooring Installation

For securing the new plywood subflooring, use drywall screws. You can use a flooring stapler and a rubber mallet too, but screws are less likely to squeak over time. Use screws in a systematic manner, preferably at a distance of every 6 inches.

Proper Placement & Securing of Subfloor Panels

When placing the next panel along the screwed down section, try to pack-in the panels close to each other, to reduce the gapping. After screwing across the subflooring panels, walk over them. If you can hear squeaking, it is very likely that you need more screws to firmly establish the subflooring.

Use Wood Filler for Cavities/Cracks

Inspect the subflooring sections for any gaps or cavities. Fill the cracks with a wood-filler. Ensure that you allow the filler to dry properly.