Submersible Pond Pump Maintenance

Backyard pond with koi fish

Submersible pond pumps are best suited for small to medium-sized ponds. As the name suggests, these pumps operate by being submerged in water. These pumps have a very simple design with minimal parts. This makes installation and maintenance of these pumps an easy task.

Step 1 - First of all, you need to switch off the submersible water pump and unplug it from the power socket. It is very important to guard against electrocution while cleaning the pump.

Step 2 - Use the string tied around the handle of the pump to pull the pump out of the water. One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they yank the submersible pond pump out of the water by pulling the wires connected to it. This can be extremely dangerous and hence needs to be avoided.

Step 3 - Dismantle all the parts of the pump and set them aside. You need to clean each part carefully with fresh water. Remember to avoid using detergents while cleaning the parts of the pump. Detergent can harm the fish if the pump is not washed properly. Clean the filters too and make sure that there are no blockages or damage to any part of the pump.

Step 4 - Make sure that all the electrical cables are well-connected to the pump and have no signs of damage. Run a thorough check. A poor or weak electrical cable can kill your fish.

Step 5 - Check the hose to see if there are any blockages. Clear the hose if needed. Ensure that the switch to which the submersible pond pump will be connected is working fine and that all the trip switches are in a working condition.

Step 6 - Once you have given all the parts a good cleaning and checked all the cables and wiring, reassemble the dismantled pump and place it inside the water. Check to see if the pump is working again.