How to Successfully Repair a Chimney Leak

A chimney leak can be painfully annoying for any homeowner. A chimney leak is usually caused by a poor job of sealing it or not roofing around the chimney properly. For the do-it-yourself type of person these repairs can be very easy. You should gather these items that you will need first.

• Good hammer or roofing hammer
• Caulk gun and silicone caulk
• Crowbar with a flat end
• Plastic trowel
• Half of a gallon of cold tar
• Extension ladder

The Process of Repairing a Chimney Leak

• Examine the chimney for cracks around the base, on the sides, and behind it.
• Re-examine the sides of the chimney and look for 6 to 8 inch long pieces of metal. This metal is called chimney flashing. When the chimney was built they blended the metal into one of the first row of bricks. In many climates this causes the mortar to expand and contract causing a chimney leak
• Look for cracks between the metal and row of bricks on top of it.
• Place a medium sized amount of caulk all the way on the sides and back of the chimney except for the front.
• Also check where the roof shingles meet the metal flashing for another chimney leak that may exist.