Suggestions for Drywall Taping and Mudding

Drywall taping and mudding is not an overly difficult job, but it is one that absolutely must be done. Drywall taping and mudding is done to create a smooth surface on which to paint or apply wall panels. The article below will share several suggestions with you to make drywall taping and mudding even easier.

Sand and Repeat

Whenever you conduct drywall taping and mudding, you always have to sand down the mud, and then reapply the mud over the same area. You will then sand that down again. You will want to repeat this process at least twice.

Use Fiberglass Tape

Drywall taping and mudding can be done using several products. Fiberglass tape is a product that saves time. It is self-adhesive and makes feathering mud easier.

Flexible Putty Knife

When you are beginning a drywall taping and mudding project, use a putty knife that is flexible and made out of plastic. This type of putty knife will not damage the surface of the drywall. You can also apply and feather mud in a more evenly with a flexible putty knife. You can also use the putty knife to press the drywall tape into the wet mud.