Suggestions for Faux Brick Finishes Suggestions for Faux Brick Finishes

Faux brick is an inexpensive alternative to real bricks. Faux brick, like other synthetic building bricks, are assembled from inexpensive materials like plastic and polyethylene. They are much easier to install than conventional bricks made of cement or stone. A faux brick finish can be applied to fireplaces, entire walls or floors.


Faux brick finishes can be applied to a real fireplace to give it a beautiful and exuberant look that carries the theme of cooking. Choose an area of the wall next to the fireplace and apply faux paints of such things as pots and finished meals that you and your family like. This can improve the aesthetics of the cooking place.


Choose an entire wall of a room, such as the kitchen, living room or even bathroom on which to apply a faux brick finish. Use different sets of colors to create different effects and intensities. An even faux brick finish can be obtained using templates.


A faux brick surface wears out faster than other kinds of surfaces, but this does not mean a faux brick floor can’t be constructed and given an attractive finish. A well-painted faux brick floor can make all the difference to a room whose floors are used less often, such as a guestroom. Choose appropriate colors and patterns.

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