Suggestions for Mounting Floating Wall Shelves

Floating wall shelves are a very decorative and unique kind of shelf. You can find floating wall shelves in various colors, shapes and sizes. The beauty of floating wall shelves is that you cannot see the hardware that is keeping it in place. Mounting floating wall shelves can be tricky for a newbie, but the following article will provide some suggestions to make it easy on you.


One of the coolest ways to mount floating wall shelves is to use small dowel rods. This can only be done with wooden shelves. Find the studs in the wall and make a hole slightly smaller than the dowel. Make the same hole in the edge of the shelf. The dowel needs to be at least ½ as long as the shelf is wide. Apply wood glue in the wall holes and insert the dowel. Tape it in place until the glue dries. Then, remove the tape and slide the shelf in place.

Clear Brackets

Install small brackets to the wall that are either clear or the same color as the floating wall shelves. The shelf will rest on the brackets.

Routed Wood

Another technique with brackets is to use a router to carve out a groove under the floating wall shelves. The brackets hide in the groove and attach to the wall, hidden by the shelf.