Suggestions for the Care of Recycled Rubber Flooring Suggestions for the Care of Recycled Rubber Flooring

Recycled rubber flooring is a very durable and flexible type of flooring usually made from old tires. It is fairly easy to take care of, but there are some special techniques that are needed for recycled material. Here is a list of some suggestions for its care.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

Rubber flooring is porous and the best way to clean it is with a vacuum cleaner or with floor cleaners equipped with microfiber pads that have automatic scrubbers. It’s best to vacuum your floor every day to keep the dirt from getting embedded into the floor.

Use Automated Scrubbers

Rubber flooring has a rough surface so dirt can hide in all the crevices. Because of this, an automatic type of scrubber works better because it can draw this dirt up and out.

Use Mild Cleaners

You should always use mild cleaners to get the dirt out of your recycled rubber flooring. Don’t use harsh products like pine cleaners, as this will ruin the floor. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s directions, as these will usually list products that can be used. Be sure not to get the flooring too wet or it may suck up too much water. Be sure to dry it completely after cleaning it so this doesn’t occur.

All in all, recycled rubber flooring is a very durable and versatile type of floor that is best for areas such as playgrounds, pet areas, gyms, or other places where there is a lot of traffic and you need something slip resistant.

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