Sump Pump Installation In 7 Steps

A sump pump is use to remove water from basements and comes in several types. Make sure that you select the ideal type for your situation and read the owners manual carefully. To install a sump pump, follow these steps.


Step 1 – Disconnect Power

Make sure the pump is not connected to the power supply.


Step 2 – Place Pump

Clean out the pit and place the pump inside preferably on a solid base so dirt would get in and block it.


Step 3 – Position Pump

Make sure the pump will not come into contact with the sides of the pit.


Step 4 – Connect Pump to Drains

Connect the pump discharge into the house drainage system using a non return valve to prevent any back flow.


Step 5 – Relief Hole

Drill a relief hole in the discharge pipe to prevent air locks.


Step 6 – Pump Cord

Fix the pump cord to the discharge pipe.


Step 7 – Reconnect and Test

Connect the sump pump to the power and run water into the sump to test it – You will need to fill the sump to the level that normally causes the pump to activate – on no account run the pump without water. It will rapidly overheat and seize up.

To reduce the risk of smells from the sump a pit cover could be fitted.