Sun Roof Repair: How to Replace a Broken Sunroof Motor

  • 2-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Replacement sunroof motor
Screwdriver set
Hex or star screw nut driver set
6 inch piece of thin foam pad

If your car is in need of a sunroof repair, you could take it to the local dealership and have the work done. However, they are likely to charge you a small fortune. So, you might want to consider doing the work yourself and saving that extra money for something else you might need or want. Many common sunroof problems are related to a faulty motor that needs to be replaced. You can pick a new sunroof motor up at the dealership or local auto parts store and install it yourself in an afternoon. Here's how you do it:

Step 1 - Purchase Replacement Sunroof Motor

Visit the dealer or a local auto parts store and purchase the correct sunroof motor for your vehicle. When ordering the sunroof motor, make sure to inform the person taking your order of the exact year make and model of your vehicle, so that they can match up that information with the correct part number.

Step 2 - Remove Interior Lamp Assembly

Fold the thin piece of foam pad a couple of times so that it is almost cylindrical in shape. Then, place the pad underneath a flat head screwdriver as you use the screwdriver to pry out the interior lamp assembly. This will help to protect the overhead console in your car. Unplug the small wiring harness that is attached to the interior lamp assembly.

Step 3 - Remove Overhead Console

After you remove the interior lamp assembly, remove the screws that hold the overhead console in place. Before you remove the overhead console, take note of which way you need to slide the console so that it will easily come out of the retaining slots. Do not try to force the console out or you may break it.

Step 4 - Unplug Sunroof Motor

Remove the wiring harness that is plugged into the sunroof motor.

Step 5 - Remove Sunroof Motor

Depending on the type of vehicle you have, the sunroof motor will usually be held in place with hex or star screws. Therefore, you need to make sure you have the right type of nut driver before you can remove the screws. Once you have the correct driver, remove the three of four screws that hold the sunroof motor in place. Remove the sunroof motor.

Step 6 - Install New Sunroof Motor

Install the new sunroof motor with the screws that you removed from the old one. Then, simply plug the wiring harness back into the new sunroof motor.

Step 7 - Replace Overhead Console

Insert the overhead console into the retaining slots and slide it in the right direction to close it. Then, reinsert the screws.

Step 8 - Replace Interior Lamp Assembly

Connect the wiring harness for the interior lamp assembly. You may find it easier to reinstall the interior lamp assembly if you tuck the wires up into the overhead console and then start by inserting one side of the assembly into the slot and then snapping the other side of the place.