Sun Roof Repair -- How to Repair Cracks

  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-20
What You'll Need
Windshield repair kit
Glass cleaner
Clean towels
Razor blade

If you car is in need of a sunroof repair, due to a small crack in the glass, you could take it to a auto glass repair shop. However, you would need to pay the shop between $60 and $100 to repair the crack. Instead, do the work yourself and spend only about $10 for the job. While large cracks in the glass are not a good candidate for repair (sunroof glass with large cracks should be replaced), smaller cracks can easily be fixed with a windshield glass repair kit that you can pick up at any auto parts store. This simple how-to guide will show what you need to do.

Note - This method is not recommended for long cracks (longer than 6 inches or so) or cracks that go to the edge of the sunroof glass. For those types of cracks, you should have the glass in the sunroof replaced.

Step 1 - Clean the Glass on the Sunroof

Use the glass cleaner and clean towels to thoroughly clean the glass on your car's sunroof. Then, allow the glass is completely dry.

Step 2 - Scrape Away Loose Glass Fragments

Take the razor blade and carefully scrape along the top of the cracked surface. This will help you remove any very small glass fragments that still may be on the surface of the glass. Once you finish, take a dry towel and make sure to wipe along the cracked surface.

Step 3 - Set Crack Repair Tool Over Center of Crack

Use the small suction cups that are included with the kit to set up the crack repair tool. Place the crack repair tool directly over the very center part of the crack in your car's sunroof glass.

Step 4 - Insert Resin and Plunger into Tool

Remove the resin from the kit and insert it into the crack repair tool. Then, insert the plunger into the tool.

Step 5 - Insert Resin into Crack

Begin to use the plunger to pump the resin into the crack. The resin should spread along the cracked surface. Continue pumping until the entire crack has been filled or you have used all of the resin.

Step 6 - Remove Crack Repair Tool

Gently dislodge the suction cups, and then remove the crack repair tool.

Step 7 - Affix Drying Film Tape

Once you have removed the crack repair tool, take the drying film tape from the kit and remove the the paper backing on the bottom of the tape. Then, place it along the top of the cracked surface area on the glass. If the crack is an unusual shape, you can take the tape and cut it with scissors so that it will follow the path of the crack more easily.

Step 8 - Remove Drying Film Tape

Referring to the instructions that came with the crack repair kit and determine how long you will need to allow the resin to dry before you can remove the drying film tape. Once the prescribed amount of time lapses, remove the drying film tape from the surface of the glass. The crack should now be virtually invisible to the naked eye.