Sun Room Ideas for the Garden Area Sun Room Ideas for the Garden Area

There are many sun room ideas that can bring your quiet retreat to life. A sun room is an enclosed patio that has been turned into a beautiful space of the house. It allows natural light to shine through, bringing in peace and calmness. It adds both living space and value to a home. When considering your sun room, the decor will be the main component to enjoying your quiet space.  

Incorporate Light Colors 

When choosing colors for your sun room, choosing light colors will maximize the sun room’s energy efficiency. The space will remain warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Light colors also provide an earthy look so you can bring the outdoors right into your new space. 

Aquatic Life

Incorporating water into the sun room does its part to make it energy efficient. There are several ways you can incorporate water into your sun room designs. One easy way is to purchase a water fountain. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. The sound of the water trickling provides a soothing effect. Another way is to purchase a pond and place fish in it to bring life to the sun room.

Organic Furniture and Accessories 

When it comes to sun room furniture, organic is a popular choice. Wicker furniture can add that earthy and classy look. This is a look that can be used throughout the room by using bamboo blinds, bamboo floor mat, and wooden tables. 


Be sure the windows can open easily so you may enjoy the fresh air and sunny days. Sun room windows are usually different from the windows in the rest of the house. Horizontal sliding windows and push-out windows are the common choice. Keep furniture away from the windows to allow easy access to them. 

Make Seasonal

When building your sun room, consider designing it so that it can be comfortably used during all four seasons. This means you have to insulate the ceilings, walls and windows. Add heating, cooling, and multiple ceiling fans. A fireplace can even be installed for the chilly days you want to cozy up next to the warmth of a fire. An electrical fireplace is ideal for this type of room. Although this will be costly to your budget, it is worth the comforts as the different seasons roll in.

Plant Stands

Add plant stands to display your favorite plants like sunflowers, roses, or orchids. Plant stands are made in a variety of materials like bamboo, teak and iron to fit to the decor of your sun room.  

Multiple Uses

Use the sun room for multiple purposes. Most people make it into a room for the family with sofas, side tables, and a large coffee table. This is also a good room to make as a dining space, office or bedroom.

The decor of the room should reflect your personal style. However you design your sun room, it should be turned into a space where you and your family can enjoy and relax. 

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