Sunken Concrete: Repair or Replace?

A sunken concrete slab whether a sidewalk, driveway, or patio, will eventually need a concrete repair or replacement. The decision will come down to two issues: cost and capability. Will you pay more to hire a concrete contractor, and will you have the capability to repair or replace your sunken concrete?

Concrete Repair

You may eventually find yourself without the repair option. If your sunken concrete has become severely cracked you may not be able to repair it, since repairing will most likely involve raising it. Raising a severely cracked or broken concrete slab may not be possible. Neither would it be practical to raise a slab with portions of the slab that may separate when raised. To decide whether or not to raise your concrete slab you'll need to determine if it is in a single, solid piece that will likely not fracture when raised. 

Concrete Replacement

Planning to replace your sunken concrete, yourself? If so, keep in mind that you'll need to not only pour a new slab, including building a form and finishing the new concrete, you'll need to remove the old concrete. This means breaking it up and hauling it away. If you are able to repair it, you'll save yourself a pile of cash and a severe backache.