Sunroom Prices: What Materials Keep The Cost Down?

Adding a sunroom to a property presents a sizeable financial commitment, therefore most homeowners will naturally explore a series of avenues to try and keep sunroom prices down to an absolute minimum. Choosing cheaper materials is a great way of reducing sunroom cost and more often than not, there is no need to compromise on quality.


Sunrooms are usually built on a slab foundation, so try to incorporate a new structure onto an existing base. If you already have a large area with slabs adjacent to your home, consider building the new installation on part of that area and use the rest of the slabs as a sunroom patio.


Although windows with lower u-values are slightly more expensive, they are incredibly energy-efficient and can eventually pay for themselves over a period of years when utility savings are taken into consideration. Because a sunroom has a large number of windows, it is highly likely that a bulk purchase may secure a great deal on prices as well.


Aluminum provides a cost-effective and lightweight option for sunroom designs and because it is so durable, there’s little chance of any problems with temperature variations. This is not always the case with wood and any sunroom framework will need to be completed in expensive pressure-treated wood.