Sunroom Windows: Argon-Filled Window Info Sunroom Windows: Argon-Filled Window Info

There are many different types of sunroom windows. A sunroom design will play a massive part in influencing the type of window to be used, and homeowners looking to install sunroom windows will have much to consider. Argon-filled windows are becoming an increasingly popular choice for many sunroom owners. 


Argon is a gas that is odorless, tasteless, and occurs naturally in the air that we breathe. It is non-toxic, and is most commonly used in light bulbs, windows and many other everyday items. 

Argon-Filled Windows

These windows are Energy Star rated. When argon is placed between two panes of glass, it offers better insulation than traditional windows because argon gas is heavier than air. There are also three paneled argon-filled windows that provide two layers of insulation. 

Argon also helps prevent heat from flowing through the window. Both double and triple paned windows make great choices for sunroom construction. 

In summer, the insulation provided by these windows helps keep the heat from seeping into the room. This provides a cooler atmosphere. During the winter, these same windows have the ability to help heat the sunroom and prevent frost and condensation build-up. 

These windows are sealed particularly well so that the gas cannot leak out and are insulated for use in all climates. 


The sun can cause multiple problems within a sunroom environment and can be responsible for anything from faded floors to condensation. Argon-filled windows protect the home by blocking out harmful ultraviolet rays that cause these types of problems. 


Sunroom prices may seem high, but the installation process is cheaper than adding a traditional room to a home. Overall prices can be determined by window type. It is important to note that argon-filled windows will be more energy efficient than traditional windows, thus saving the homeowner money over a period of years. 

If professional installation is required, costs can be quite excessive. DIY enthusiasts with advanced skill levels can often optimize money by purchasing a sunroom in kit form. Savings will be significant and, of course, there will be an enormous sense of satisfaction to be gained from completing such a sizable project by oneself. 

Window Sizes

These windows come in different sizes depending on how they are likely to be used. The chosen size is often dependent on the house style and the type of sunroom that will be built. 

Window Styles

Argon-filled windows can be installed from floor to ceiling or as shorter windows. It is also possible to have stationary windows or an open/close design. 

Another option is to install argon-filled windows as a ceiling to give the sunroom a similar feel to a conservatory. 

A sunroom must allow for environmental control from the inside and should be of sturdy construction for year round use. Homeowners can sit in a protected area and enjoy the world around them. In particular, snowstorms and rainstorms take on a whole new slant and can be observed in maximum comfort and safety.

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