10 Tips to Furnish Your New Sunroom 10 Tips to Furnish Your New Sunroom

Now that you have finally got your wonderful new sun room, you can’t wait to invite friends and family over. You have just one thing stopping you. You have no idea how to furnish your new addition!

Here are a few tips on what to look (and look out) for, when buying furniture and accessories for your sunroom.

1. Keep in mind that the items you choose have to be sun proof and heatproof. Sun and heat can damage the best of fabrics and furniture. Select airy wicker or rattan, for its summery look; these materials are not prone to sun or heat damage. These days, you can pick up bookshelves and even coffee tables that come in wicker or rattan, to complete your look.

2. Another choice might be iron wrought furniture. If you go for curly shapes that resemble the ice cream parlor chairs of old, your guests will appreciate the charming touch!

3. Certain types of wood dry out, or become discolored. Choose carefully. Ask the sales rep if s/he recommends the piece you’re looking at in a place where there will be quite a bit of sun and heat.

4. Remember to make sure that every piece you bring into your sun room is lightweight. You’ll be moving these pieces around, to match you and your guests’ moods!

5. When choosing pillows, cushions, and throw rugs, read the label. It should specifically mention that the material is UV-resistant. Don’t overlook the framed pictures you might place in the window-less portions of your sunroom. Keep them out of the sun’s direct light. (Some designers recommend propping pictures of dried flowers on the floor.)

6. Protect furniture and flooring by installing blinds or shades. Not only do they provide privacy, but they block sunlight from entering your sun room. Choose bamboo or any light shade. Filtered blinds will let you adjust your light preference.

7. If your preferences run towards traditional curtains, don't fight your instinct! Just make sure your curtains have a lining that protects against sun exposure. And choose a color that won’t fade, and a fabric that is long-lasting.

8. A ceiling fan will add a whole ‘nother dimension of cool. Whether or not you opt to pump in air conditioning, nothing beats circulating air. And a white, gold-trimmed fan that imparts that romantic Casablanca touch will truly make your sun room seem like a getaway!

9. Consider plants - and not artificial ones, either! For your fabulous room with a view, you can bring more of the outdoors, indoors, with super-sized tropical potted plants. Since all your windows allow for lots of natural sun light, these plants will grow almost as if they were still outside!

10. As an excellent investment, consider the lavish touch of a hot tub, if your sun room is large enough to accommodate one. Place a bold print Japanese screen nearby for someone to drape a towel over. Just make sure your movable furniture is well out of the way!

Now, push the furniture around until the pieces are aligned just the way you like them; adjust your blinds; turn on your ceiling fan and let the fun begin!
Eva R. Marienchild is an accomplished communicator: an author, editor, poet, artist, speaker, and life and career coach. Eva's specialties are health, home, nutrition, environment and spirituality.

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