Super Glue

Useful for bonding a wide variety of materials including plastic, rubber, metal and ceramics, super glue is a powerful adhesive that is effective in small amounts. Just a few drops of super glue forms an incredible bond between seemingly incompatible materials. Super glue is very inexpensive and goes a long way. People find it useful when working with crafts; repairing broken ceramics or glass; or when gluing leather, porcelain or wood, among other materials, to different surfaces. 

Super Glue Application

Depending on the brand, super glue is applied in several different ways. These include through a squeezable tube, in small droplets, with a push point applicator and by being brushed on. Adhesive manufacturers produce a wide variety of super glues. The Super Glue Corporation, for instance, offers numerous products good for everything from basic household uses to industrial strength bonding. Super glue has even been used to bond human tissue during certain types of surgeries. Although some types will cause fingers to stick together if it gets on skin, other super glues are available that don't have this effect. 

Other Uses

Super glue can be combined with sodium bicarbonate or baking soda to make a durable filler adhesive useful with very porous materials such as polystyrene foam. Very resistant to water, super glue is also used in underwater applications, as in fish tanks and aquariums.