Superior Metal Grates for Exterior Use

Metal grates provide superior drainage systems outside the home because they last longer than other types of grates. Grates provide a sort of a screen function that not only drains water, but also screens objects that may clog the drainage system or the sewer line. Below are some of the best types of metal grates to be used for the external part of the home as well as some information regarding metal grate designs.

Cast Iron Grates

Cast provides the sturdiest type of grates that can be used outside the home. Since iron can withstand the test of time as well as carry heavy loads, it provides a durable drainage system for the landscape. Cast iron grates come in different sizes, shapes and designs to suit every homeowner’s needs. In addition, iron grates provide a more silent and more stable drainage system.

The only downside to iron is its susceptibility to rusting. When iron grates are exposed to the external elements, they produce iron oxide or rust. Although some people are not bothered by the appearance of rust on the grates, some homeowners do prefer a cleaner look. One way to prevent it from rusting is to paint it with any color that matches the background. However, repainting is also necessary because the paint will surely peel off after extended periods of time. Nonetheless, cast iron grates are superior in quality and strength as compared to any other type of metal grates.

Stainless Steel Grates

Although not strong as cast iron, stainless steel does provide a better looking drainage system because it is not susceptible to rusting, thus maintaining a cleaner look. Stainless steel grates are also strong and sturdy and do provide superior quality. The strength of the grates depends on its design, thickness and size.

Aluminum Grates

Cast iron and stainless steel grates are particularly expensive and may not be affordable for many homeowners who need to install metal grates for a large drainage system project. The usual solution is to make use of aluminum grates. Aluminum grates may not be as sturdy as cast iron or stainless steel, but it can be as durable as the two. Aluminum can withstand the effects of the changing weather and therefore provide superior quality as well. However, aluminum should not be used for driveways where heavy vehicles usually pass through because it is a softer metal than steel or iron. Although iron or steel is more expensive, it is still best for heavy duty pathways.

Metal Grate Designs

Metal grates can be manufactured in many different designs depending on where they are to be used. Linear channel grates provide better drainage for walkways or driveways. There are also grates that are set in different shapes – rectangular, square, or circular – and can be used for catch basins. These grates are usually installed in inconspicuous areas on the lawn, the garden, or the yard. Metal grates can also be made with exquisite designs to provide additional ornamental value to the landscape.