Sustainable Materials for Contemporary Kitchen Designs Sustainable Materials for Contemporary Kitchen Designs

One of the features of contemporary kitchen designs is the use of sustainable materials. Whether you are remodeling or building from scratch, sustainable solutions are beneficial while remaining stylish and cutting edge. If you will hire a contractor for the work, take the time to find one who specializes in sustainable designs. Undoubtedly they will many more ideas. However, knowing the kinds of materials available to you beforehand helps, especially if you are doing it yourself. 

Sustainable Kitchen Materials

Although they are not technically building materials, Energy Star appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators and oven ranges use less energy and fit into the definition of sustainable. Any remodel involving new appliances should make this a priority. 

The primary materials that will go into a kitchen remodel or new design are wood, insulation, drywall, countertop surfaces, flooring and the various hardware and fixtures necessary to the room. Reclaimed wood is not only an environmentally positive solution for floors, cabinets and counters, it also frequently possesses more character than new wood. Bamboo can also be used for flooring or counters, and it is entirely renewable. For the countertop, consider recycled glass or granite. It looks better than Formica or anything synthetic and it is refashioned from existing materials. 

The materials available for use in contemporary kitchen remodels and designs are numerous, but sustainable products offer the most in terms of environmental viability. In many cases recycled materials are not only sustainable, but they look as nice if not nicer than newly manufactured goods.

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