Swale Swale

Many people don't realize that whenever you plant a tree that they need to also create a swale. The swale is a dip in the land that helps drain water towards the trunk of the tree. Without one, the water is directed away from the new tree, and it is more likely to die.

• Step 1: Dig a hole that is deep enough for the roots of the tree.
• Step 2: Lower the tree into the hole and fill it back up with the dirt.
• Step 3: Make a mound of dirt or mulch around the trunk of the tree.
• Step 4: Dig the swale into the mound. The size of it will depend on the size of the tree you are planting, but the hole should be about half as deep as the mound.
• Step 5: Water the tree and check to make sure that the water is running towards the trunk and not away from it.

Other Uses for a Swale

A swale can be used for any number of purposes; perhaps most importantly it is used in the making of ditches. A ditch is a type of swale that helps direct large amount of water to a specific source, or away from an area, whenever it rains.

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