Swamp Cooler Parts: How to Install New Bearings

What You'll Need

As evaporator coolers tend to easily rust and corrode swamp cooler parts, you may find that you need to repair and replace the cooler bearings every so often. The bearings are often found behind pieces of the cooler which have rusted or become damaged, so this can make it a difficult task for an amateur. However, repairing the parts is a job which can be done by yourself.

Step 1 - Clean the Swamp Cooler Parts

Open up the cover of your swamp cooler using a screwdriver. Once you open up the inside of the swamp cooler, you will need to add some solvent cleaner to the outside of the pipes. This will help to remove any rust caused by the condensation of the cooler parts. Remove any parts which need to be shifted so that you can access the pulley and bearing.

Step 2 - Adding the New Bearings

Take the old bearings off of the pulley shaft, and then apply a little bit of sandpaper to the edges of the shaft. This should allow you to get rid of all the rust around the shaft. The bearing should slide easily into the pulley, but if it does not, then a gentle tap with a mallet might get it to fit.