Swamp Cooler Parts: How to Install New Pulleys

What You'll Need
Flat Screwdriver
Crescent Wrench
Pry Bar
New Pulley

Changing swamp cooler parts and installing new one is a very simple process. Changing the pulleys in your swamp cooler is a very easy project that is done with about 20 minutes and simple hand tools. 

Step 1: Turn off Power

Before working on the swamp cooler, turn the power off to it. This will protect you in case the unit starts operating. 

Step 2: Remove Cover and Motor

With a flat screwdriver, remove the cover of the unit so you can get to the swamp cooler parts. With the cover off, unplug the motor and loosen the bolts to it. You will have to remove it so you can get to the pulley. 

Step 3: Remove Belt

Grab a hold of the belt and pull it while turning the pulley manually. This will cause the belt to slide off.

Step 4: Remove and Replace Pulley

With the crescent wrench, or a socket wrench, loosen up the bolt in the center of the fan pulley. Remove it and replace with the new one. Remember to place a small amount of grease in the center of the pulley. 

Step 5: Replace Swamp Cooler Parts

After the pulley has been secure with the retaining bolt, then replace the rest of the parts in the reverse order that they were removed.