Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Indoor swimming pool
  • 0-100 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-10,000

Providing a Comfortable Swim

Swimming pool heat pumps use a process of heating the water of a swimming pool, indoor or outdoor, by pumping the water through a filtering process and heating it, and then pumping it into the larger body of water. This process is done constantly until the water reaches the desired heat, making for a comfortable temperature for swimming.

Why Have One?

In colder areas of the country, places where pools are not usually had, swimming pool heat pumps are the only way to comfortably swim during cold weather. It goes without saying that these pools are also located in tempered rooms, indoors, but there are always exceptions. Heating the water not only makes it more comfortable, but it prevents freezing.


The cost of heating one’s pool can become great over time, which is why a heating pump is not always the best solution to the heating problem.