Swimming Pool Sand Filter Buying Guide Swimming Pool Sand Filter Buying Guide

A swimming pool sand filter is one of the most common swimming pool filters on the market. This type of swimming pool filter forces the pool water through a super fine sand mixture that scrubs out the impurities. Swimming pool sand filters are great for removing bacteria, germs and other contaminants that can lead to health problems.


Buying Sand for Your Filter

It is important to use the right kind of sand in your swimming pool sand filter. You can use either a general swimming pool filter sand or a zeolite filter sand. Both of these sands are super fine grained and come in 25 pound and 50 pound bags. If you have sensitive skin and need to make sure that your swimming pool water is extra clean, then you will want to invest in zeolite filter sand, which is slightly more effective and expensive. This type of sand has hexagonal shaped grains which are better for grabbing onto contaminant particles.


Buying Swimming Pool Sand Filters

When you buy a swimming pool sand filter you need to make sure that it is large enough for your pool. Buying a pool filter that is too small is one of the most common mistakes made by pool owners, and this is why they seem to always be struggling to keep their pools clean. When you are selecting pool filters read on the box to see how much pool volume they can handle.

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