Swimming Pool Sand Filter Maintenance

What You'll Need
Sand purchased at a home improvement store
Scoop for covering the PVC pipe
Shop vacuum cleaner (optional)

In order to enjoy a pool to its fullest, it is important to keep the swimming pool sand filter working properly. A sand filter is not used to filter sand out of a pool, on the contrary, the sand is part of the filtering system that the pool water is pushed through. This process cleans the pool dirty water, putting it back into circulation. 

It is important to set a routine schedule for maintaining a swimming pool sand filter. When done regularly, the sand filter will run well and efficiently.




Step 1- Setting Up a Schedule

Decide whether the routine maintenance of the sand filter will take place at the beginning or end of the season. This is dependant upon personal choice. If maintenance is completed at the beginning of the season, the filter system will run smoothly all summer with no further problems. Completing maintenance at the end of the season when the system is already being drained will save water and time. 

Step 2- Empty the Strainer

It is important to empty the strainer regularly because it can hold large forms of debris such as leaves and other waste. This type of debris can impede the efficiency of the pump system as well as the filter's ability to clean the pool water properly. 

Step 3- Change the Sand

If a pool is back-washed regularly, sand may last a few seasons if it is not located in an area with a lot of dirt. Otherwise, the sand filter should be changed each year. This process can take up to a few hours. 

Take the filter apart, setting aside any relevant plumbing parts. Remove the top valve. Empty the sand in such a way that it will not get into the PVC pipe inside the filter. Using a scoop to cover the pipe works well. The sand can be removed with a shop vacuum cleaner if desired. 

Replace the drain cap then half fill the tank with water. With a scoop covering the PVC pipe, begin to refill the sand a little at a time until the tank is three-quarters full. Take the scoop off of the tank and replace the valve. Fill the tank completely with water and put the sand filter back together. It is now time to prime and start the pump. Refer to the instruction manual provided with your pump to view the priming technique for your particular model.

Step 4- Inspect the Rest of the System

At this point, simply check the rest of the system to be sure that it is looks okay and is working properly. There should be no leaks or cracks in any part of the sand filter system. 

Maintaining a swimming pool sand filter is not a difficult task and it takes only a morning or afternoon to complete. By performing these tasks, a pool filtration system will continue to run smoothly over the course of a summer.