Swimming Pool Test Kit Information

When you own a swimming pool you need to purchase a swimming pool test kit to help you maintain the chemical balance of your swimming pool water. There are several kits that you can purchase. The kits that you purchase will depend on the type of chemicals you use in your pool and the type of maintenance tools you use to manage your swimming pool water.


Complete Test Kit

A great test kit to start with is a complete test kit. This kit is a general purpose swimming pool test kit. This type of test kit will include a pH test, a total chlorine test, a calcium hardness kit, a total alkalinity kit and a stabilizer (cyanuric acid) test.


OTO/Phenol Red Kit

If you are only interested in basic tests for your swimming pool water then the OTO/Phenol red test kits are a great option. This kit contains two tests, a pH test and a chlorine level test. This is a kit that all swimming pool owners can use.


Copper Kit

A copper test kit is not a product that the majority of pool owners will need. It is really only a necessity if you use a copper algaecide, an ionizer or skimmer pills. This swimming pool test kit is used to measure your copper levels.