Swimming Pool Tiles: 5 Types

One of the most visually striking parts of a pool are the swimming pool tiles. They provide an aesthetic as well as functional element. Many homeowners elect to have tile in their swimming pool to finish off the look, ambiance and design of their landscaping.

Like tiles for your kitchen and bathroom, swimming pool tiles are available in a virtually unlimited range of styles, colors, shapes, and types of swimming pool tiles. Here is a short list of some of the tile choices available for your swimming pool.

Porcelain Swimming Pool Tiles

One of the most common types of swimming pool tile is made of porcelain. Porcelain tiles are easy to install and with some basic cleaning will retain their new look. They are soft to the touch, a point that swimming often appreciate. One of the drawbacks of porcelain tiles is that they can be easily broken with any type of blunt force.

Mosaic Swimming Pool Tiles

When you are looking for something that will add a colorful look to your swimming pool, mosaic tile is the product you need. Mosaic tiles are a combination of different colors, designs, and even sizes. They can be used at the bottom of your pool and the sides for an overall design. When used on the bottom of your pool it is highly recommended that you drain the pool every two years to give this tile a good cleaning to remove mold, algae, or other chemical build up.

Glass Swimming Pool Tiles

A swimming pool tile that can withstand a lot of use are glass tiles. They are made in a wide variety of colors and designs. However, the biggest appeal to these tiles is that they also provide a lot of depth to your pool. The colors are much deeper and broader in a glass tile creating the illusion that the pool is deeper. Installation of a glass tile is tedious, but not difficult.

Brick Swimming Pool Tiles

When you are looking for a more regal looking swimming pool tile, then brick is that product. Brick tiles can be your basic red, but are available in other colors as well. Since brick is a porous product you will want to make sure that the brick tiles are sealed so that the water does not penetrate and damage them. Every few years after installation you should reapply the sealant to keep the tiles looking new.

Stone Swimming Pool Tiles

During the hot summer days, a swimming pool is an oasis of cool water. Using stone to tile your swimming pool adds a natural element, similar to swimming in a lake or pond. Stone tiles should also be sealed every few years as they will absorb the pool water. Installation requires techniques similar to creating a stone wall.

Swimming pool tiles come in many different varieties, and can be expensive in some cases. However, the look and feel of a tiled swimming pool will add not only value to your home, but also a create a custom design for your pool and landscape.