Swing Set Kits: 5 Great Add-Ons Swing Set Kits: 5 Great Add-Ons

Many swing set kits come with not only the basic frame and swing, but may also be designed with optional features like slides, club houses and rock walls that can be added on later. These add-ons allow you to grow your swing set into a complete play system as your grow your family.

Great Swing Set Kit Add-Ons

Depending on the company you bought the swing set kit from there will many different options available for you to choose from. While they all look great, and would be amazing to have to complete your swing set kit, there are some that add a little more functionality that others.

1. Club House

What kid doesn't want their own little club house? This great add-on allows kids to get out of the sun and play imaginative role-playing games. It's like having a tree fort, but with swings and slides.

2. Roof

When the sun gets high in the summer sky, kids are prone to sun burn and exhaustion. Excessive sun can fade and damage the paly structure as well. A swing set kit with a roof option solves this problem, especially in yards that may not have sufficient shade.

3. Rock Wall

A small rock wall is a great addition to a swing set kit. A rock wall can either be a way to climb up to the club house or a stand-alone fixture. They are slanted a little to keep the vertical rise to a level where kids can easily climb it. A rock wall will add a great level of adventure to your playset and keep kid engaged with new creative thinking.

4. Connecting Bridge

Many swing set kits have several structures involved in creating the entire play area. These can be connected in a variety of ways. A bridge is a great way to connect one structure to the other. Keep in mind that they are off the ground so rails will be needed to ensure safety.

5. Sandbox

Sandboxes are the playgrounds of engineers. A child can easily spend an entire day playing in a sandbox with their trucks, pails, and shovels. Building different sand castles, roads and other little engineering marvels is a wonderful creative and exploratory outlet for most kids.

Choosing add-ons for swing set kits is something that should be thought about before buying the kit. A basic kit is fine, but when shopping, look for kits that will accommodate addition play elements that will save you the time and hassle of having to dispose of the first kit in order to replace it with a more sophisticated one. Ask your kids what they want and let the fun factor rule the day. 

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