Swing Set Maintenance

Maintaining a swing set won't be costly or time consuming. By following a few maintenance tips, you will be able to sustain the quality of your swing set for years to come.

Basic Maintenance Tips for All Swing Sets

Be sure to regularly inspect your swing set, checking for cracks or rusted pieces. You should immediately repair or replace any of the parts that look faulty.

All swing sets need to be protected against the weather elements, especially when they won't be used for prolonged periods. In the rainy or snowy seasons, you can protect the swing set by sheltering it under a suitably sized canvas or polythene cover.

Teach your children to only get off the swing once it's completely stopped. Jumping off a moving swing can damage the swing set and possibly injure your child.

Maintaining Metal Swing Sets

When protecting metal swing sets, your main tasks will mainly involve preventing the spread of rust and ensuring that the moving parts are regularly oiled or greased. Most of the metal swing sets that are available nowadays are made from non-corrosive metals including aluminum and galvanized steel.

Sets that are made of steel should be given corrosion protection. You should regularly paint such swing sets to guard them against the weather elements.

Maintaining Wooden Swing Sets

Wooden swing sets need to be protected against the elements, especially since the wood will rot after prolonged exposure. You will need to give these swing sets a protective layer of paint annually.

Wooden swing sets should always be made from a durable wood type. Clean the swing set regularly to protect the wooden surfaces.

Maintaining Canopy Swing Sets

You should purchase a canopy swing set made of materials impervious to weather elements. However, even for durable materials, prolonged exposure to extreme weather will inevitable damage the swing set. Make regular checks on the canopy to ensure that it doesn’t have holes that allowing water to soak the seat cushions.

To protect the swing set use different fabrics for the canopy. This will depend on whether the use will be in the indoors or the outdoors. It will also be most advisable on your part to go for a canopy swing set that allows for replacement of the cushions and the canopy fabric.