Swiss Chard Storage Tips

Swiss chard is an often-overlooked vegetable. Related to beets, Swiss chard adds not only a lovely color to many dishes, but also abundant nutrients. When combined with different colors of Swiss chard, you can create beautiful salads and side dishes. One of the good things about Swiss chard is that it can be stored easily to keep its freshness.

Freezing Swiss Chard

One way to store the chard is to freeze it. Before you do put it in a freezer, make sure to wash it thoroughly and cut off the woody stems. Blanch the chard by plunging it into boiling water for two minutes and then immediately placing it in ice water. Drain off the excess water and package it in freezer bags. Freezing at 0 degree F. will keep the chard indefinitely.

Storing in Refrigerator

The other option for storing the Swiss chard is to keep in the refrigerator. After picking the chard out of your garden, you can place it in the fridge to keep it cool before you use it. Place the Swiss chard in a plastic Ziploc bag—without washing it—and place it in the fridge.