Switching to a Wireless Thermostat

What You'll Need
Flat Blade
Wire cutter and stripper

A wireless thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home from different rooms. Most wireless home thermostat systems have more than one controller, which can be placed throughout the home. They are also portable enough for you to carry from room to room, keeping whichever room you're in at a comfortabe temperature.

Step 1–Prepare to Install Your Wireless Room Thermostat

If you're having any kind of difficulty with your heating and air conditioning unit, have it serviced before installing the thermostat to make sure it's in optimum working condition. While some problems may arise from a faulty thermostat you're going to replace, other problems may need a skilled repairman. Wait until you've been told that the unit is working properly before you try to install a new thermostat.

Remove the thermostat from its package making sure you save all screws and pieces as well as the instructions, which you'll need to configure the thermostat.

Step 2–Cut the Power

For safety, whenever you are installing, replacing or repairing an electric appliance, you must first turn off the power to that appliance. Find your main fuse or breaker box and cut the power to your heating and air conditioning unit (HVAC). Because HVAC is s a high-power unit, you'll likely find a separate fuse or breaker just for this unit. Don't take risks by leaving the power on—this can be deadly.

Step 3–Remove Old Thermostat

Carefully remove the cover on your old thermostat. It might simply pop off, or there may be screws holding it in place. Once the cover is removed, disconnect the wires and tape the ends of these wires as you do so to make it easier to install the wireless thermostat. Write the letter of the terminal on the corresponding tape so you'll know how to connect the new wires.

Step 4–Configure and Mount the New Thermostat

The instructions that came with the wireless thermostat will explain how to wire and configure it properly. Settings differ depending on the type of thermostat and whether your unit is gas or electric. The manufacturer's instructions will have clear diagrams showing you how to set the switches. Follow them carefully, making sure that you connect the wiring as shown in the diagrams for your particular heating and air conditioning unit.

Different brands of thermostats may have different configurations. Follow the instructions so that the wireless thermostat can be used with your current wiring. The configuration instructions on a Venstar wireless thermostat will be different from those on other brands such as Robert Shaw Totaline or Honeywell.

Once you've wired the unit and mounted the cover on your wireless thermostat you are ready to set up the remotes and test the system according to the manufacturer's specific instructions.