T Fal Electric Kettle

The two T Fal electric kettle models, the Vitesses and the Mini, cost about $50 and $45, respectively. Perfect for quickly bringing water to a near boil or boiling, T Fal kettles work faster than a stovetop or a microwave. Not only that, but they heat water evenly, so, unlike microwaves, they do not create any hotspots. Stylish and unassuming, they sit neatly atop a counter, taking up no more room than a coffee maker.


The $50 Vitesses electric kettle from T Fal features a temperature range from 176 to 212 degrees, ideally suited for all types of tea. The unit features dual water level gauges, so whether a user is left- or right-handed, they can easily see how much water remains. The 1,750-Watt heating element is concealed within the stainless steel base, onto which the kettle may be placed from any direction. The Vitesses also comes with an automatic switch-off at a certain temperature.

The Mini

The Mini kettle from T Fal comes with many of the same features as the Vitesses, including a hinged, locking lid, on/off switch and a concealed element. It uses a 2,200-Watt element, however. Both models feature an ergonomically-designed, comfort-grip handle. The Mini has a 0.8-liter capacity, while the Vitesses holds 1.7 liters.