T3 Flat Iron

Outfitted with the latest technologies and performance features, you need only use a T3 flat iron once to realize the difference. No matter the hair type, T3 flat irons deliver stylish, smooth results in little time. Working to both eliminate unwanted frizziness and seal in moisture, effectively keeping hair hydrated and brittle-free, T3 irons incorporate innovative ceramic ionic plates that have been infused with tourmaline. In terms of design and quick, effortless operation, T3 flat irons are hard to beat. With a cost of $160 and $200, there are less-expensive flat irons available, but none that can match the performance of T3.

T3 Flat Iron Models

In addition to other hair styling products, including curling irons and volumizers, T3 offers a couple of basic flat irons, each of which features different sized styling plates. The T3 Single Pass comes with an MSRP of $160 and features 1-inch ceramic plates. The T3 ManeTamer, by contrast, goes for $200 and is ideal for longer, coarser or otherwise unruly hair. Its 1.75-inch styling plates are the perfect width for taming hair that is wildly out of control with frizz. 

Tourmaline Infused Ceramic

T3 flat irons are among those that include infused tourmaline into the design of the ceramic plates. Tourmaline is a precious gemstone known by some as the electric stone for its properties. Long used in jewelry for its stunning beauty, in T3 flat irons, nano tourmaline particles are infused into the ceramic. Tourmaline releases natural ionic energy when pressurized or superheated, similar to ceramic. As negative ions are released into the air, they are attracted to statically-charged particles that cause hair to frizz out. The negative ions neutralize the frizz, allowing to settle back down, taking on a smoother, softer feel and appearance. 

Single Pass Technology

Both the Single Pass and the ManeTamer from T3 include single pass technology in their designs. The powerful far infrared heating element heats up incredibly fast in just a few seconds. The ceramic plates transfer heat efficiently and evenly, leading to consistent temperatures. What also aids this process is the computerized heat system built into every T3 flat iron. Together, the technologies result in flat irons that maintain their setting and recover quickly, never burning hair. 

Design Features

The ceramic plates with baked-in tourmaline particles are fixed but are engineered with extreme precision, resulting in snag-free operation that glides effortlessly through hair. The plates feature curved edges, allowing one to add stylish flips, waves or curls to hair as it's being straightened. The ManeTamer can be used on damp or dry hair for added versatility. Plus, T3 flat irons are dual voltage in design, meaning they can be throughout the world. A variable temperature control lets the user set the flat iron to the optimal heat setting, up to 450 degrees F. Depending on the type of hair, this feature is very useful, for not all hair types and lengths require super-high heat. The flat irons also come with an extra-long swivel cord for tangle and twist-free operation. For straightening and styling hair, T3 flat irons go above and beyond, conditioning hair and sealing in moisture.