Table Saw vs Ceramic Tile Cutter

A table saw and a ceramic tile cutter are just 2 tools you can add to your tool arsenal. With all of the projects you can take on there are just as many tools. A table saw has some good traits as does a ceramic tile cutter. The following article will share with you some of these points as you decide which you should own.

A Matter of Size

The table saw is a large tool and requires adequate space in which to use it. A tile saw, however, is small and portable.

Money Matters

When you purchase tools, you want to make sure they will last a long time, but you also need them to be cost-effective. A table saw is a very expensive purchase, but has many uses. A tile saw, since it is small and portable, is a lot less money, but has fewer uses.

Number of Uses

A ceramic tile cutter is meant for one single purpose: cutting tile. A table saw is made to do a multitude of things. You can set cut depths, maneuver materials and replace blades for different results. There are also several different kinds of table saws but there is only one kind of ceramic tile cutter.