Tables Snooker Tables Snooker

Tables, Snooker to be exact, are a table that is used for billiards. Snooker is of British origins, and resembles the US game called “pool” very closely. The tables snooker has 6 total pockets; one in each of the four corners and two on the side. These pockets are designed to catch the balls. There is a cue ball, which is used to knock the other balls of color into one of the pockets.

How Does Tables Snooker Look in a Room?

A table’s snooker looks very stylish in a room. Being it is a game that is played for leisure and sport, it is a great addition to any room. The table actually could act as a focal piece in the room adding personality that might not be found in most rooms.

The table measures about 6x12 feet and is of good size. This would be best suited for a game room or even a family room.

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