Indoor and Tabletop Fountains Indoor and Tabletop Fountains

Interior fountains come in an amazing array of designs and composed of many different types of materials. Depending on your décor style, there may be a variety of appropriate fountains to use indoors and on table tops. Indoor fountains add the soothing music of natural water to your home. For a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere consider adding an interior or tabletop fountain to any room of the house.

Small bow-shaped fountains are among the most basic for use on tabletops, counters or possibly bookcase shelves. These are easily transportable from room to room to relocate the sound of cascading water wherever you like it. A simple, yet elegant, style is a large copper bowl featuring small bell-shaped bowls inside from whence the water trickles. This type of fountain is stylishly non-descript; it will blend in both a formal or rustic décor.

Some tabletop fountain styles employ multiple materials. For instance, a glazed bowl may give way to resin pillars and contain several smooth decorative stones. Fountains that are constructed of resin may actually reflect many different styles from southwestern to Tuscan to late Victorian depending on the style. Fountains styles range between water that trickles, pools, cascades, drips, pours, etc…

A significant number of fountains have a definite decorative style. There are many Oriental-style fountains that feature bamboo or some definitive marker of Oriental style. Many more are designed with rustic sensibility to bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Some employ more classical motifs using granite or marble and featuring a classical figure like a nymph or lion’s head.

Other interior fountains may be quite large for use as a stand alone feature. Floor fountains also come in many styles, although not quite with the extensive range that tabletop fountains cover. Floor fountains come in many sizes, but most are less conspicuous than you might imagine. They can be set in a corner of the room or beside a bookcase—nearly anywhere, and yet, take up very little space.

There are also interior wall fountains that range from elegant European styles to abstract and modernist styles. Of course, all may be blended in a home, but wall fountains tend to me more permanent room fixtures than the other kinds. More elaborate fountains even allow you to change lighting features, sound, and the flow of the water. There is also a wide price range for all fountain styles so there are bound to be many choices to suit all budgets.

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