Tack Rag

A tack rag is made from a cotton or cheese cloth rag that has been soaked with a thinned varnish. It is used to help pick up small dust particles before you begin applying varnish, stain, sealant, or polish. If you don't use a tack rag it is possible that the dust particles will be sealed underneath the surface and causes the polishes to become dim or not as glossy.

• Step 1: Dip a rag made from cotton or cheese cloth into water and squeezes it dry.
• Step 2: Sprinkle a little bit of turpentine onto the rag, but not too much.
• Step 3: Sprinkle on three tablespoons varnish over the surface of the rag and work the material to mix them together.
• Step 4: Wipe the tack rag over the surface of your project and let dry before you begin to apply the sealant.

Disposing a Tack Rag

As with any material that has a varnish or turpentine on it, you must take special precautions while disposing it. Varnish and turpentine are capable of spontaneous combustion when they are left on a crumpled rag or in the sunlight. Rinse the tack rag with water and lay the rag flat on the ground or a table while it dries.