Tailor-Made Tasks for Dead Blow Hammers Tailor-Made Tasks for Dead Blow Hammers

Dead blow hammers have many uses. They are designed to minimize damage to the surface you are striking. Here are a few jobs that are perfect for dead blow hammers.

Car Repair

There may be instances while working on a car where a hammer would be helpful. The problem with a regular hammer is that you can damage other parts or the appearance of exterior parts. When you are trying to get a stuck part loose, or install a hubcap, or even work on a car’s chassis, then a dead blow hammer would be the way to go. The deadblow hammer is usually hollow and filled with sand to absorb the shock caused from impact. This reduces the hammers bounce back, and works great in car repair.

Decorative Paving Repair

If you have an area of concrete or paving that you are wanting to repair, but only need to pull up a small amount, then a dead blow hammer is a great tool. Striking the pavement with this hammer won’t generally cause a bunch of splinters in the concrete and will limit the damage to just the strike area. This can be useful near gardens, ponds, pools, or other area’s that have a small amount of concrete or paving.

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